Contributing to Defining Internet Sociology

Years ago I met +Katja K. Ošljak (her Twitter) of SKUDI when she contacted me online to contribute to her team's research on bloggers around the world. Very recently she sent me followup videos that left me in awe as to how big the undefined sociology of the Internet had become. Along with it came a survey I happily filled out about everyday tweeting, found here.
SKUDI stands for "Subjektkonstruktionen und digitale Kultur", translated to "Subject Formation & Digital Culture", an initiative by a group of universities in Germany and Austria to conduct such researches.

The first video is a definition of what the world is today, the world I have known for the past decade (sans Facebook).
The second video is a day in the life of an avid Internet dweller (ie. average person).
The significance of these videos is the work it took to define these phenomena. It's easy to say what the Internet has done, but hard to back it up with research. I'd advise, once you're done, to fill in this Twitter survey too.